10 Places to Promote Your Business for Free

Everyone right now is looking to be able to promote their business for little or no expense. Well these are some of the best places on the internet to promote your site, and leave your credit card in your wallet. Not only do these places appeal to the masses, but they also have some tremendous SEO value. I must say that I cannot take credit for this post however. A user jjrich developed the content for this article. Props to you jjrich and thanks for posting!

1. Reddit.com – This website can absolutely exploded your site with traffic, and it could start a chain reaction that leads to your site getting quite a lot of traffic. Check out how I got 3000 page views in 24 hours? To see the power of Reddit.com when generating traffic.

2. Digg – Best seo social site online. Can be used to get your site indexed on Google quicker within 24 hours but also can bring in tons of free traffic if used well.

3. Yahoo answers is best used when you are promoting something specific. Search yahoo for something related to your market and answer the question. This is important as you don’t just want to be another spammer, you need to show that if the person clicks on your link they will receive quality information.

4. Google, Yahoo and dmoz.org directory. I only found out recently, but having your site indexed on one of those major directories is a very powerful backlink to have and can do wonders for your Google search position. All are free to submit unless you go for the piad inclusion, it’s worth it if you have the money. But if not don’t worry your site will be eventually get indexed and you will have a very good backlink to your website.

5. Stumbleupon – I can’t get my head around Stumbleupon.com and that is why it is not ranked high. However, in terms of traffic it can bring in as much and in some cases even more then reddit.

6. Blogs – Blinklist.com – Mybloglog.com, Blogger.com – and Technorati.com. Again by creating your own profile and submitting your site, not only do you create an online presence so people get to know you, but you are placing a link on a site that will increase your page ranking and again will bring in more traffic. This will be less then the other social sites, but none the less it has an added advantage and that is the traffic will be more specific to your market.

7. Twitter and Friendster.com to keep your readers updated. Again, with the release of Twitter as a new form of marketing was created. By creating followers on your profile you can easier update your readers on your latest site news. Again another great traffic source.

8. Targeted Directories Another good idea for free traffic is to search on Google for your market and then type in ‘directory’. This is quite simply the best way to get targeted traffic.

9. Reviews. Another way to get massive traffic is through review sites (but only submit if you are prepared to take a beating, not everybody is nice lol). Such as Reviewmyweb.com and Xomreviews.com/. You can even extend this further by joining sites as such the digital point forums and asking people on the forum to review your site. However, if you really have a unique product submit your site to killerstartups.com and if selected this will increase your sites visibility online – and it 100% free.

10. Alexa.com – ETC. Finally number 10, to get your site instantly indexed on Google submit your website to stat sites such as Cqcounter.com,Alexa.com, Websiteoutlook.com and Siteanalytics.compete.com. These sites are constantly indexed by Google and by referring your sites to them. You increase the chance of your site getting indexed by Google, create more backlinks, increasing your Google rankings and in doing so (if you use the this and the tactics above) drive a hell-load of free traffic to your website.

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