6 Steps to Successful Social Media Buzz

socialmedialandscapeSo you just set up a Facebook page for your company, now what? Just because you set it up doesn’t mean that anyone knows (or cares) that you are on Facebook. You need to promote your social media campaigns just as you would promote a new product for sale. Generally when you’re promoting a new product, to get it off to the right foot, you probably give them a bit of extra incentive at first to come and try it out right? Well your social media campaigns should be no different.

Step 1:
The first thing you’ll want to do is post some cool content on your page. If you invite anyone to be a fan of a page that doesn’t have anything posted, you’ll hardly get any fans at all. You need to give the people who visit your page something to look at. Whether that is video content, blog posts, or pictures it doesn’t matter. Make your page look interesting before you tell anyone that you even have a page at all.

Step 2:
The next thing that everyone needs in order to have a successful social media campaign is friends right? Well then your first step is going to have to be to acquire friends. The obvious first step is to ask your friends and family to become a fan of your Facebook Page. You will get a decent amount of people to become a fan of your page just because they know you. It will help to make your account look a bit more established before you announce it to the rest of the online world.

Step 3:
Now that you’ve got your feet wet it’s time to officially announce your new Facebook Page to the rest of the world. Your next step should be to write a blog article telling all of your fans that you have set up a New Facebook Page. This step is more for the search engines than anything else. It will also act as a reference page for the next step in this process.

Step 4:
Gather a list of people to email and announce the launch of your new Social media page. You may already have gathered an email list from your customers. Email them and let them know, but give them some incentive as to why they should become a fan of your new page. Maybe offer a lucrative discount to all the fans of your pages. It works trust me. I’ve seen it done with a lot of success on numerous occasions. Then, add the people who actually opened the email to a separate email list. These will be the people you will continually email about your new facebook or twitter page.

Step 5:
Once the initial momentum has stopped from the first email, create a contest of sorts, and make the prize opportunity something very nice. One of the best things to do is a “Become a fan for free stuff.” For instance, if you want to make it your initial goal to reach 1000 fans on Facebook, give prizes out to your fans for helping you get there. Customized Girl does a great job with this idea in that contest.

Step 6:
Keep things interesting. You want to continue to keep momentum rolling. Try different promos, contest, and just fun ideas with your new fans on these pages. You want to keep giving them a reason to come back to your page and continue to give them reasons to interact with you. That is how you create online social media buzz.

A lot of smaller businesses might find the amount of time and effort needed to be spent with these people creating new ideas, contest, and promotions to keep their fans coming back for more. I promise you, that the lifetime value of these people is going to FAR exceed the amount of money you spend keeping them entertained. Keep it fun, keep it fresh, keep it real.