I’m Sorry.

Last night, I made some remarks that were meant to be a joke amongst friends. These remarks were regrettable and reprehensible. Today, I have been receiving attention from many individuals asking for my comment on these unfortunate remarks made by myself on my Twitter account last night. This is my official comment.

To Logan Tuley-Tillman – I am deeply sorry for making these remarks in your direction. I wish you nothing but the absolute best in your future as a collegiate athlete and more importantly as a student at the University of Michigan. My remarks were meant not to offend, but to highlight another unfortunate situation in the NFL bounty scandal. I realize now how short sighted and foolish my tweet was.

Ohio State University and the University of Michigan share the greatest rivalry in all of sports. The passion that I feel for my team is the same passion that Michigan fans feel for theirs. My passion for my alma mater is no excuse for my ridiculous behavior.

I ask for all of you to please excuse my remarks, and more importantly I ask for the forgiveness of Logan Tuley-Tillman. Best of luck to you in your endeavors in the classroom and on the football field.

As a token of my deepest regrets in this situation – I will be making a $2000.00 donation to the University of Michigan to be used towards increasing the already spectacular educational programs that they possess. I hope that this donation will help to ease the pain of my unfortunate remarks. Thank you. I welcome suggestions from the University of Michigan family for which program to direct my donation towards.