Recurring Tweets: Are they the Key to Sales on Twitter?

TwitterMoneyI am running a case study with one of the Twitter accounts that I am working on where I am finally scheduling a recurring tweet. I use the service Tweetlater to do all of my tweet scheduling. In the past I have been very hesitant about using the scheduled tweet on a recurring basis, simply because it seems extremely spammy to me. I hate spam, as I’m sure most of you do, but I figured there is no better way to tell if my followers think it is spam than to test it out and see what happens.

Here is the hypothesis that I am running under – By scheduling a recurring tweet on a sale that we are having I will increase the amount of sales during the promotion by at least 10%. I also believe that I will not lose any or gain any new followers as a result of sending these recurring tweets.

I chose 10% because that is my goal I’d like to increase each promotions effectiveness by at least 10%. I don’t believe that I’ll lose or gain any followers as a result of this because I believe that the amount of people who decide not to follow me anymore will equal the amount of new people who do decide to follow me. The case study is going to be 2 weeks long. By the end of next week I will share the results with you. Let me know what you think about this case study, if you’ve run it before great, tell me your results. If you haven’t run it before and are interested in it tell me what your thoughts are on the recurring tweets.