Why I am getting sick of Google

Google Buzz. If you haven’t heard of Google Buzz yet then you’ve probably been in some sort of coma for the past few weeks. Just to recap for all of you who might be behind the curve, Google Buzz is Google’s attempt to get involved in the social media scene. There have been all sorts of complaints about it’s privacy issues which apparently they have apologized for and even taken the time to fix the problem.

While that is a great job at PR by Google, I’m not buying it. Google really messed up here for a number of reasons. One, they forced all of the users of their gmail service into Google Buzz. Two, they forced each user to auto follow all of the other gmail users in their contacts list. Three, they made the default setting post your “buzzes” publically. Hello PRIVACY ISSUES! A simple apology is just not good enough from a company of that size. They didn’t just lose email files, their server didn’t just shut down. They essentially made everyone’s private issues public. Google, the largest search engine on the face of the earth, one of the most influential companies in the history of commerce, and the single largest holder of information in the world, made a big no no.

I don’t know if you’ve been reading about the latest search battle news but I’m pulling for Bing. Besides, competition in the search engine marketing world will be good for most internet marketeers. So the next time you search, I’m encouraging everyone to Bing It!